approximate value

See: estimate
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Riyad Bank announces initial agreement to sell a piece of land owned and located in the city of Jeddah, Al-Andalus district , Al-Madina Road, at approximate value of SAR 202.
Fifteen schools that had roof replacements at an approximate value of PS1.
Summary: Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company, ADMA-OPCO, has signed an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for Umm Lulu (UL) full-field development project package-2 with the National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC) and Technip France Consortium at an approximate value of Dh6.
The approximate value of this service contract is OMR6.
Please note that the business has a 4-COP quota alcoholic beverage license having an approximate value of $140,000.
After a series of searches, cocaine, cannabis resin and cannabis plants with an approximate value of EUR6,000 were recovered.
Henry Creque said the US$75 million figure is the current approximate value of the agreement and that figure may increase or decrease based on the market value of fuel over the term of the agreement.
Quoting from the public relations of Saipa Diesel Company, Moj News reported that the cargo includes 77 units of FM9 trucks with equipments for carrying garbage, with the approximate value of $100, 000 for each as well as two units of FM9 self-propelled trucks with the approximate value of $170, 000 for each.
To date, the parish has received restitution in the form of cash, real estate and personal property with an approximate value of a few hundred thousand dollars," it said.
Approximate value of the combined agreements is $230 million.
The approximate value of these projects is $180 million.

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