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Total amount of rough approximation for 36 months - 48 300 units.
Holling and Horner introduce the basic B-spline theory, describing approximation methods and algorithms as well as modeling and design techniques.
For the crudest approximation in the (m,0) mode, a wall section between nodal lines is approximated as a Hat rectangular plate of constant wall thickness.
The more classical examples of linear positive operators throughout approximation process are the Bernstein polynomials, which are defined by Bernstein [3] as following:
When a stopping criterion based on the backward error is used and hence the computed approximation is interpreted as the solution of a perturbed linear system, we may ask whether such perturbations have meaningful representations in the underlying discrete problem as well.
8 The Competition Through Close Mechanistic Approximation of Antibody Drugs in Cancer 7688 Selecting Indication for Antibody Drugs in Oncology 7778.
The Accelerating Convergence of Successive Approximation Method for solving non-linear equations is achieved in this paper and also the above difficulties are reduced.
Abstract: In this note we present a (2,3)-Pade approximation of secular function for computing the smallest eigenvalue [[lambda].
Gabor multipliers provide accurate approximation of so-called underspread operators [18].
The second section provides an exponential approximation of these accidents and analyzes deviations from real accidents considering the obtained approximation.
Recent trends in orthogonal polynomials and approximation theory; proceedings.