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Apropos is delighted to be chosen by Konica to enable them to provide world class customer service," said Jody Wacker, vice president, marketing at Apropos.
Nokia has chosen Apropos Technology, a provider of multimedia interaction solutions for eBusiness applications, to supply it with Version 4 of the Total Interaction Management solution.
Under the agreement, Apropos will produce upper-end housewares dinnerware for department and specialty stores.
Using music principally from the Tchaikovsky opera and his Manfred Symphony, as well as Mozart for a divertissement of cards and an exquisite flashback to the court of Louis XV, Guy Woolfenden assembled a wonderfully apropos and dramatically supportive score.
Apropos Technology, a provider of realtime business communications platforms, has launched version 6.
Since the performance troupe De La Guarda has been declared as good as sex" by the press--think thrill theater meets life-affirming rave experience--it seems apropos that the show, which has attracted such high-profile guests as Harrison Ford, Alanis Morissette, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Joan Jett, has just debuted a new six-minute-long orgiastic finale billed as "Higher.
Apropos insider language and the ambient spirit of collaboration, the walls of the storefronts and sides of the overturned panel trucks became increasingly tagged up by visitors--one among many of the exhibition's soci al components that fully qualify as a "real-time" event (in the way we imagine Happenings to have been).
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-(C) 1994-9 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD Apropos Retail Management Systems Inc and Informix Corp have partnered to create a resort rental management add-on module for Intrawest Corp, a destination resort operator in North America which already uses Apropos' Retail Management System powered by databases from Informix.
Larry Tannenbaum, one of the partners in the new company, called Apropos Decor, said the company's goal is to provide on-trend dinnerware patterns at sharp price points.
Now, with what has been happening in Bosnia, I think it will seem very apropos.