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The APT summit was first institutionalized in 1999 as Asean leaders and the plus three countries issued a joint statement for the East Asia cooperation.
Based in Hong Kong, APT Satellite Company Ltd ("APT Satellite" or "APSTAR")is a leading satellite operator in the Asia Pacific region, operating a fleet of five satellites: the APSTAR-5, APSTAR-6, APSTAR-7, APSTAR-7B and APSTAR-9.
Objective of this study was to compare the IOP measurements with GAT and APT and to gauge the reliability of APT in IOP measurement.
APT is a provider of non-destructive, transparent, audio compression solutions.
Brooks and Brooks (1993) indicated that in a more social setting, students are more apt to share the energy of academic success, connect with the thoughts of other students, and receive, as well as give informative feedback.
Charles Buff founded APT in 1993 in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
On the other hand, the APT resin had higher dart impact, MD and TD tensile strength, MD tear strength, and MD/TD balance of properties than the Affinity grade (which was higher only in TD tear strength).
It is one thing to draft an APT, and yet another to have a full understanding of the options the APT creates and the manner in which the options may be implemented without the client losing control over his or her destiny.
Likewise, through on-going investment into research and development, APT has successfully delivered high-fidelity, real-time audio codec technology - namely Enhanced apt-X, apt-X for wireless , apt-X Live, apt-X Voice - through licensing agreements into broadcast, pro audio, audio-over-IP, and consumer electronics markets.
675 million was placed by Meridian on a 17 unit, 5 story apt.
By porting APT Ltd's enhanced apt-X algorithm onto the BlueCore Multimedia platform, CSR is offering yet more ways for wireless audio designers to create devices which offer improved levels of audio quality, with reduced processing latency compared to the Bluetooth standard SBC encoding, without compromising on power consumption.
Linen processing of the hospital of the country of Apt, Apt Lehpad madeleine and retirement home of Saint-Saturnin-les-Apt.