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To find out whether there is any difference in the teaching aptitude among the primary teaching professionals and secondary teaching professionals.
Since 2015 Aptitude has established a market leading position in the telecommunications sector with the Aptitude Revenue Recognition Engine, an application which enables organisations to address the requirements of IFRS 15 and ASC 606.
Aptitude Investment Management LP is an investment management firm offering both alternatives management - including investments in hedge funds and private equity funds - and fiduciary management to a limited number of clients.
Moreover, the statistical result shows no significant relationship between students' entrepreneurial aptitude and HEI's faculty development program.
Recognizing revenue for this volume of customers requires the generation of billions of accounting events, putting Aptitude Software in a leading position as an accounting software and change expert for telecommunications companies.
Under the measure, the NCAE shall assess and evaluate the aptitude, skills and inclination of a student to pursue a college or university course, a technical vocational course or an entrepreneurial course.
Reasons are clear in low performance as aptitude tests are not calculated within school grading systems, educational methods are weak and the current curriculum is in need of improvement in all subjects.
Applicants who wish to be considered for a place under the aptitude assessment will be required to complete an "Optional Assessment Test T Application Form" and indicate the Academy as a preference on the Local Authority Preference Form.
The Escape velocity test has three components - a potential discovery test in a stream of choice and an aptitude test to help the student understand the appropriateness of the career/stream chosen.
As the healthcare's industry's first online direct contracting market, aptitude LLC was developed to meet the evolving demands of today's healthcare organizations.
Students who scored more than 75 Percent marks (n=4,723; 14 Percent) also scored higher marks in the Aptitude Test (p Less than 0.