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My undying love and devotion to our troops cannot be aptly communicated by words, whether written or spoken.
In view of the situation that now reigns in Hollywood, as you so aptly describe it, The Passion is far above and beyond the values espoused by the personages who grovel in Hollywood.
Two excellent 'Listen and Learn' CD packages from Dover Publications aptly pair an indexed manual with all words and phrases on the cd with two CDs packing in over 700 useful phrases in English and the language presented.
The aptly named album Baptism harkens back to his early days.
In their letter, the bishops denounced "the horrifying amount of arms which feed conflicts in the Great Lakes Region," and suggested the war could aptly be called "the first African world war because it involves not only nine different African countries and their Western supporters, but also because the war affects the vital interests of the entire continent.
CLAIM TO FAME Drake and his co-star Josh Peck from The Amanda Show on Nick, now have their own show, aptly named, The Drake and Josh Show (it airs 7:30 p.
Oberlin College's dance department was aptly described by your magazine.
The scriptural references and biblical examples are well chosen and aptly complement the book's themes.
The aptly named "Grand One," which grows about a mile from Horseshoe Lake, is thought to date to the time of Lewis and Clark.
In this fast-paced world, where time is at a premium, the PocketDisk is the solution for busy people of all ages with the "on-the-go" mentality who can benefit from the ease of simple plug-n-play, or more aptly plug-n-share.
The painter creates gloriously nonsensical, lushly colored and composed fantasias that, aptly enough in a post-"ism" era, defy categorization and resist interpretation.
But more important, perhaps, the state he so aptly represented for 21 years in Congress carries 54 electoral votes that Gore badly needs to win his November battle.