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The sugary plot could easily have proved too sickly but was helped by some sharp performances - and, weirdly, political aptness.
I appreciated the aptness of the Latin quotations selected for chapter headings in his book (I appreciated the translations as well).
And each in its own way attests to the aptness of the title chosen for the September 2005 issue of National Geographic: "Africa: Whatever You Thought, Think Again.
Kroc, the multimillionaire founder and senior chairman of McDonald's Corporation as I had come to know him in the 12 months I spent helping him write his autobiography, she too might have found a delightful aptness in the derivation.
Colonel Al Matrooshi, deputy director Transport & Rescue, commended the aptness of Nissan X-terra for police operations and emphasised the importance of community partnerships and the valued contribution of the private sector.
These "dust sculptures" (as Buggenhout dubs them) were not specifically created for his Mumbai debut, but they were selected because of the aptness of their medium.
Adam also disclosed that JEM has decided to re-evaluate its relationship with the African Union and its aptness to serve as mediator in the next stage, adding that the rebel movement would announce its position in this regard very soon.
There was a certain aptness therefore in the depressing circumstances when Surrey confirmed they were bidding farewell to the swashbuckling Brown - a batsman associated with rampant run-scoring and with many much happier times for the club.
Ideally, the volume's prefatory matter would have theorized the notion of "Marian moment," but by way of compensation the final group of essays effectively proves the aptness of the phrase by showing how the notion of the "moment" invites a generous and nuanced sense of historicity, a sense guided not by the search for the representation of a finished thought so much as for signs of a gambit or hazard issued, quite literally, as a moment in a developing scene of cultural engagement and experiment.
Only occasionally could the aptness of POV's production be niggled at.
They also show that to write about African film does not prevent critics from proving their aptness at using highly complex theoretical cinema studies approaches.
Exploring specific places resonates with a special aptness.