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Importantly, several studies connected a metaphor's perceived novelty to its perceived aptness (e.
Using the curves of temporal temperature evolution, for both natural and washed fibers, the degree of compatibility was evaluated based on three parameters: Aptness (A), as in Eq.
Aptness, then, is a third category of moral reflection not reducible to considerations about the good and the right.
Commenting on the aptness of the theme "Managing Change: Role of Leadership and Institutions", he said leadership was important at every level in business, administration, judiciary and media
The inaugural production at the newlyopened PS28m Hope Street venue, which stars Matthew Kelly as Sir Toby Belch, was chosen by the artistic team for its aptness.
For example, Sosa's discussion of aptness and meta-aptness (119-20) is very reminiscent of Plantinga's distinction between design and purpose in the second chapter of Warrant and Proper Function.
There is an aptness about the fifth earl being accommodated during the mid-seventeenth century in Jones's Covent Garden piazza.
The quality and aptness of the tests administered by NTS might be another probable reason of its inefficacy.
We also begin to see the aptness of Sandmo's chosen title.
For example, Beethoven's reputation was founded on instrumental and choral music, yet in this early Mass (its modest dimensions so different to his mature Missa Solemnis, he shows a remarkable fluency and aptness in writing for voices and orchestras.
This lends a satisfying aptness to the news that the charity Disney has been involved with through his recovery - Walking With The Wounded (WWTW) - was the nominated charity for today's cancelled Betfair Super Saturday meeting at Newbury, a connection emphasised with the naming of the Betfair Supports Walking With The Wounded Handicap Hurdle.
The visit to Libya by Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron was not surprising at all, but the aptness of this visit may actually be explained by various underlying currents.