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AQUA. Water. This word is used in composition, as aquae ductus, &c. 2. It is a rule that water belongs to the land which it covers, when it is stationary: aqua cedit solo. But the owner of running water, or of a water course, cannot stop it the inferior inheritance having a right to the flow: aqua currit et debet currere, ut currere solebat.

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Either paint floorboards white or splash out on flooring, B& Q's Aqua LOC Limed Oak Effect, pounds 14.
The consistency will be very sheer and light--golds, yellows, greens aquas, pale pinks.
Iam prata iuvant, iam lucida tranans flumina mordet aquas luditque ingurgite puro; fercula iam sibi nostra placent et libera curis otia; deserti non ampla palatia regis anterferat variasque dapes, nam panis et unda sufficiunt ac parva domus.
This year ocean colours - aquas, sea greens and blues - give a serene vibe that's ideal for summer rooms.
Now the glitter of the party season is out of the way, it is time to experiment with a range of colours from soft pastel greens through to bright aquas.
Six AQUAS models now include the PC-AX 100M HD and standard definition PC-AX50M, including the conventional models 37V and 32V.
Still in Brazil and yet another singer dedicates a whole album to those oh-so-familiar Jobim songs: Insensatez, Aquas de Marco, De-safinado, even Garota de Ipanema.
Eddie Byrd, an interior designer in West Hollywood, says that while chocolate and pinks have been very popular, he prefers the new oranges, aquas and golds.
But when you discover Aquas sand decks, suspended above the world's best beach and lined with king-size beds, you and your honey will know where to spend the next eight hours of your day.
Guia de campo de las especies comerciales marinas y de aquas salobres de la costa septentrional de Sur America, 513 p.