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[Latin, One who attends something to view it as a spectator or witness.] Any person who is given an absolute power to judge and rule on a matter in dispute.

An arbiter is usually chosen or appointed by parties or by a court on their behalf. The decision of an arbiter is made according to the rules of law and Equity. The arbiter is distinguished from the arbitrator, who proceeds at his or her own discretion, so that the decision is made according to the judgment of a reasonable person.An arbiter may perform the same function as an umpire, a person who decides a controversy when arbitrators cannot agree.


Alternative Dispute Resolution; Arbitration.


n. in some jurisdictions the name for a referee appointed by the court to decide a question and report back to the court which must confirm the arbiter's finding before it is binding on the parties.


noun adjudicator, advisor, arbiter, arbitrator, determiner, disceptator, final authority, interagent, intercessor, intermediary, intermediate, intervener, mediator, moderator, negotiant, negotiator, prescriber, recommender, reconciler, referee
Associated concepts: arbitrament, final arbiter
See also: arbitrator, eyewitness, go-between, intermediary, judge, juror, referee, umpire



ARBITER. One who, decides without any control. A judge with the most extensive arbitrary powers; an arbitrator.

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The Superbrands organisation, which began in 1994, analyses the history and strength of different brands in over 40 countries and is universally commended for being an arbiter of branding excellence.
The Superbrands organization, which began in 1994, analyses the history and strength of different brands in over 40 countries and is universally commended for being an arbiter of branding excellence.
The international independent brand arbiter picked the top 500 business-to-consumers brands operating in Bulgaria out of 1500 nominees.
This bill aims to address unjustified and unnecessary contract bundling by increasing transparency, ensuring small-business contracting opportunities, and allowing small-business arbiters to appeal or protest agency bundling decisions.
Mr Arbiter, said: "He has had these chest pains before and I don't think it's anything untoward, but given his age they are being safe rather than sorry.
ARBITER 3 was conducted in 148 patients who had previously participated in ARBITER 2.
Though his only direct queer reference is a personal aside about a memorable sexual peccadillo in Paris, Dessaix constructs this literary travelogue with observations and anecdotes that will resonate with any curious queer traveler, Like Edmund White's The Flaneur (an homage to loitering through Paris, aimless yet attuned to history and chance adventure), Twilight of Love revels in the thrill of allowing whim and obsession to unseat the rigid travel agent as arbiter of itinerary.