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stopped being the sole arbiters of the award in 2010 when F assumed control, the only people to win the award are Lionel Messi and They are the best players at Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively.
If that happens, the NLRC Chairman, who under the law exercises exclusive administrative supervision over the NLRC and its regional branches and personnel, including the Labor Arbiters, could among others re-assign Labor Arbiters to branches or situations where their services are most needed," said Nograles.
Former Press Secretary to the Queen Dickie Arbiter has been regarded by Prince Charles as "his trusted friend," someone he could be entrusted with his secrets.
And yet that seems to be just what referees do every week and it makes sense for the busy arbiters to have clock-watching taken off their list of chores.
services, raising of the quality of arbiters as well as providing independence and impartiality of arbiters",- Kirakosyan said.
The technical committee also finalised the names of the arbiters for the award, adopted by the Bahrain Olympic Committee in line with the visions of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports chairman and BOC president Shaikh Nasser bin Hamada Al Khalifa, to link scientific research with the Bahraini sports.
says that church leaders such as the pope and bishops are the proper arbiters of right and wrong" on subjects like divorce and remarriage, homosexuality, sex outside of marriage, contraception and abortion.
Create a third party arbiter (either the SBA or a third party group if the SBA declines to pursue) to appeal or protest an agency's bundling decision,
Arab Arbiters Committee head Mahdi Abdulrahim of the UAE will be conducting several sessions on the game's rules and latest changes in its regulations.
Originating as a 2001 article in the Journal of International Arbitration, the purpose of this book is to analyze the substantive and procedural legal problems encountered by parties and arbiters in multi-contract, multiparty, and multi-issue arbitrations.
Perpetrators of hate crimes could become candidates for treatment," the Times explains, "and physicians would become arbiters of how to distinguish 'ordinary prejudice' from pathological bias.
Let's hope these institutions and all political actors--including the media, which plays a significant role in the nation's political transition--demonstrate maturity, so as not to transform the arbiters into arbitrary referees.