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A public loop is a Fibre Channel arbitrated loop designed to run in a switched fabric environment.
Arbitrated loop, for example, is now as stable as other forms of data transport, thanks largely to cooperative efforts between storage, host bus adapter, router, and hub vendors over the last two years and the introduction of smart features within loop hubs.
Support today is provided for 1 and 2 Gb Fibre Channel fabric or arbitrated loop storage networks, with integrated support for iSCSI storage networks planned for 2002.
Support for 1Gb and 2Gb drives along with arbitrated loop and point to point host connections eases the problems of fabric integration and the built in hubs enable our partners to build very cost effective, resilient entry point SANs," said Jon Haley, Sales and Marketing Manager for storage at Xyratex.
JNI HBAs work across all Fibre Channel topologies -- switched fabric, arbitrated loop and point-to-point environments.
The VSC7192 switch operates in an Arbitrated Loop environment to route Fibre Channel frames directly to the destination device and avoids the performance penalties of daisy chaining through each node on the loop.
Using this technology, Vixel has developed a switch product family that provides users with a cost-effective alternative that provides the ease of use of arbitrated loops and the high performance of switching environments.
JNI is the only company to offer an SBus HBA that operates on all three Fibre Channel topologies; switched fabric, arbitrated loop and point-to-point.
The FibreFAS440 Fibre Channel controller allows the Exabyte drive to connect directly to any number of Fibre Channel topologies including arbitrated loop or switched environments.
The LightPulse LH1005 work group hub is the ideal solution for small Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) configurations.
The LP8000 also features sophisticated hardware that provides superior performance in storage area networks, delivering low latency and high throughput in switched, arbitrated loop and clustered environments.
The LP850 has been qualified by EMC for its Windows NT solutions, including hub-based arbitrated loop (FC-AL) configurations and Enterprise Storage Networks (ESNs) based on EMC's new Connectrix(TM) systems.