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Bradley was never much of an actor, and Joey was pretty much him, with no artifice, but ever since his starring role in the 1970 classic, Bradley's Joey has come to represent the archetypical English-Canadian loser in such formative essays as "Bully, Coward or Clown" by Robert Fothergill and is something of a pop-cultural legend.
It continues to be an archetypical black Catholic church, heavy with social and personal activities, that understands that outreach in areas like HIV/AIDS ministry can break down false notions of what it means to be black and what it means to be Catholic.
musculus in that their morphology and behaviors are more-or-less archetypical.
They are archetypical information organizations, and yet rather than being enhanced by these very dramatic changes they have both been diminished.
In some circles, however, these approaches are viewed with skepticism, condescension and disregard while what we consider as more traditional, allopathic treatments are embraced as archetypical and exclusive therapeutic strategies.
Through the ensuing arms race, which in its late stages employed more than half of the world's scientists, the good scientist all but vanished from the popular imagination and was replaced by an archetypical enemy of the people, evil and insane.
In the Massachusetts political world, an archetypical ward boss, Martin (Mahatma) Lomasney, is remembered for his advice, "Never write when you can talk; never talk when you can nod.
The enemy of our day remains "black," and the theology that "entbroned" him -- and I do mean "him," the archetypical black man -- is a white Christian theology that has not ceased to remain violent in effect, even if it has become tame in affect and absent in fact.
The archetypical "big job" of library work-the large-scale research project--is still accomplished in a segmental fashion, with mostly parallel processing and a minimal division of labor.
He defined the unconscious as a collection of archetypical images inherited by members of the same group.
Gary Schwartz, president of Carpet Exchange, a major chain of floor covering stores based in Seattle, is the archetypical Surfaces attendee.
The tourism industry depicted Nova Scotia as "therapeutic space," and cultural producers promoted ideas about Nova Scotia that emphasized its Scottish character, its lost "Golden Age," its symbolic landscapes of insularity, rockbound coasts and the sea, and a view of the muscle-bound masculinity of the archetypical Nova Scotian male.