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ARCHBISHOP, eccl. law. The chief of the clergy of a whole province. He has the, inspection of the bishops of that province, as well as of the inferior clergy, and may deprive them on notorious cause. The archbishop has also his own diocese, in which he exercises, episcopal jurisdiction, as in his province he exercises archiepiscopal authority. 1 Bl. Com. 380; L. Raym. 541; Code, 1, 2.

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Ultimately, however, and apart from the individual personalities and approaches of respective popes, it should be seen that without the universal primacy--the very authority in the church that nearly sabotaged Romero's witness to the gospel--the regional communion of churches within which Romero's authority was exercised would have lacked the indisputable canonical unity that made his archiepiscopal activity possible in the first place.
25-en [Preach of Magyar, Ferenc addressed in the Archiepiscopal Church of Eger 25March 1848.
There was no complete English Bible before the Miles Coverdale version which appeared in 1535, and the main reason for this was archiepiscopal censure consequent upon the Wycliffite crisis.
For centuries this archiepiscopal seat had enjoyed a lively cultural life in which music played an important part, and this highly enjoyable release at mid-price brings us over an hour of examples of its Renaissance heyday.
15) Unfortunately no records have survived for these places in the years immediately after the grant, but the fairly extensive archiepiscopal and priory records for the 1370s-1390s contain no reference whatsoever to the holding of any of these markets or fairs.
The volume is divided into two parts: part 1 containing seven chapters (3-166) that establish the basic narrative of Anselm's archiepiscopal career; and part 2 consisting of seven chapters (169-267) that provide extensive documentary evidence for part 1 (hereafter I refer to the chapters of part 2 as appendixes).
episcopal appointments--as " well as the metropolitan archbishop immediately responsible for archiepiscopal oversight of the Scranton diocese, Rigali probably had a major say in the Vatican decision to accept Martino's unusual early resignation, Reese said.
21) Archiepiscopal Archives Malta (hereafter AAM), Cappillani (Qrendi), unnumbered.
Nikolai in Juterbog, made in Magdeburg after 1430 with archiepiscopal input in response to the Hussite heresy--the subject of the author's diploma thesis for the Humboldt University in Berlin (1991).
Bourget sent him to Halifax, unsuccessfully, to win over the Atlantic bishops to the establishment an archiepiscopal see at Quebec.
Like other comparable articles, `Christianity in South Africa' is satisfactory, but, aside from the year of Desmond Tutu's archiepiscopal retirement, apparently unrevised since 1989.
By the end of 1647 their subjugation to archiepiscopal control was complete.