architectural monument

See: edifice
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A Railway gallery to highlight architectural monument, style such as yellow stones, doom structure, colonial power majestic structure and grey sand stone structure.
Our 1964 City Hall was problematic, but it was the only internationally recognized architectural monument in Eugene.
Each iBE venue is recognized as an architectural monument that is rich in history and natural beauty," said Wright.
Wandering like a ghost through the abandoned ruins of the hotel, she brings our attention, through her physical presence, back to the body as the central feature of the exhibition; just like an architectural monument, the body is shaped and violated by history and the course of political action.
And they are attacking the al-Aqsa mosque -- Islam's oldest and greatest architectural monument -- by hollowing out the ground beneath it in "architectural excavations" designed to undermine its foundations and prepare the way for its eventual destruction.
Rob Hodgson and Kay Ralph plan to build an architectural monument high on a cliff top that may only just outlive them - because the cliff only has 65 years before it disappears into the sea.
Northboro's old town hall was replaced more than 120 years after it was built -- and only a few years after it burned -- with a new building that strove to replicate the charm and grandeur of the former architectural monument.
Garcia compares the process to updating an iconic architectural monument.
This area boasts some of Baltimore's bests, including the first architectural monument to George Washington, the Peabody Conservatory of Music, the world-renowned Waiters Art Museum, and the breathtaking Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
You will see the Moscow Kremlin, an outstanding historical and architectural monument that has become a symbol of not only Moscow, but the whole of Russia.
In 2001 it was finally acknowledged as a historical and architectural monument, granting it protection by Romanian laws.

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