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In recent years, storage vendors have developed specialized magnetic disk-based RAID archive products sometimes referred to as CAS interface solutions.
But there are other legislative reasons for retaining the BBC's broadcast output that shape archive policy.
As with many films that the archive has painstakingly restored, the process of putting the Hughes picture back together was a combination of luck, detective work and technical artistry.
Princeton Softech's newest release of Archive for DB2, with direct support for accessing archived data stored on EMC Centera, is the logical next step in expanding our database archiving technology.
Princeton Softech's Active Archive Solutions lead the database archiving market, providing solutions that can leverage the data retention compliance capabilities of EMC Centera.
The introduction of an enterprise class Archive Appliance expands the proven UDO technology to non-medical IT environments at a time when uncontrolled data growth is increasing IT complexity and driving operational costs up," said Mike Koclanes, Chief Strategy Officer and senior vice president of sales, Plasmon.
Archive data normally has low access and reference requirements but relatively high data transfer rate (bandwidth) requirements
Since then, the faculty remains one of the very few library, archive, and information science schools in sub-Saharan Africa.
The result is a peaking demand by businesses for advanced archive and categorization capabilities.
Without a records management program guiding the organization and disposition of active and semi-active records, an archives program will not receive a comprehensive, reliable, and authentic body of records, but rather a miscellaneous collection of varying value and usefulness, transferred on an ad hoc basis according to individual interests, priorities, and workloads.

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