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If archiving on a typical RAID system, a simple delete operation does not remove the data from the disk.
The synergy between Princeton Softech's database archiving technology and EMC's Centera Compliance Edition enables companies to manage and store complex relational data on a secure platform and satisfy the requirement for fast access.
By supporting EMC's Compliance Edition, Princeton Softech's database archiving technology enables companies to archive data from relational databases and manage it in compliance with federal regulations.
Notes An: "Postmodern archival thinking considers archiving to be a key feature of society's communication processes in shaping the reality rather than just documenting it.
As pressure continues to retain and access data for customer support, disaster recovery, and to comply with government regulations, active archiving is a must for today's Global 2000 companies.
PowerFile's active archiving appliances are solving a different challenge that the traditional storage vendors are not able to address, particularly at a comparable price/performance ratio," said Josh D.
Deploying an e-mail archiving solution can alleviate the issues of e-mail management under Exchange.
Unlike EMC's Centera or MS Sharepoint, Princeton Softech's active archiving technology is meant to work with structured data, namely the tables and relationships typically found in databases.
The new NearPoint solutions will represent a major advance in the realization of Mimosa's vision to deliver live content archiving of all forms of enterprise content; including email, documents, blogs and other unstructured and semi-structured content.
The question of archiving e-mail extends beyond compliance, however.

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