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Active archiving provides a "best practice" strategy for managing relational database growth.
The File System Archiving solution from Plasmon and ARKIVIO also helps optimize backup and disaster recovery times by deploying policies to automate the migration of data off primary storage, reducing costs and streamlining workflow processes.
A new data storage strategy, active archiving, combines the best of both the storage and database worlds.
Placing data into a HSM or "infinite disk" system does not address the real world needs of archiving or backup.
The standards-based integration with major archiving applications, such as Symantec Enterprise Vault, minimizes cost and complexity.
PowerFile's new Active Archive Appliance is built from the ground up to offer the longevity, rapid retrieval and cost efficiency needed for active archiving of valuable fixed content.
To gain that disk space back in a usable form, administrators are surprised to learn that after implementing an archiving solution they must manually run cumbersome Microsoft utility programs after hours.
Our analysis of Hitachi's Content Archive Platform demonstrates that combining storage level services with archiving services has the potential to deliver attractive benefits to customers," said David Floyer, chief technical officer and co-founder, ITCentrix.
Other available archiving solutions simply don't fully address the unique needs of today's archiving requirements," said Jonathan Buckley, PowerFile Vice President of Marketing.
DiskStream made its industry debut this week at NAB 2006 in Las Vegas, where the Company's executive management unveiled Capsa(R), its groundbreaking video archiving solution.
During the conference - the industry's largest gathering of electronic and digital media professionals - DiskStream's management team will unveil Capsa(R), its groundbreaking video archiving solution.
KOMworx Archive Server is a breakthrough turnkey product combining advanced data archiving storage management software with robust HP hardware, running on a simple but powerful Windows platform," said Dr.

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