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ARCHIVIST. One to whose care the archives have been confided.

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When records in a paper environment were stashed away somewhere, you could discover them and recover them," Veatch, the Kansas archivist, said.
He joined NARA in 1999 as an appraisal archivist and later worked as an electronic records policy analyst.
Chapter 3 introduces archival appraisal, considered by many archivists to be the most intellectually demanding archival function, and one that distinguishes archival work from other related disciplines.
On Wednesday, the university released what it called an "outline" of what transpired when the professor asked for the documents in November, the archivists provided them in December - and when UO administrators discovered in January that the documents had been released.
In her response, the chief archivist endorsed the demand and agreed to carry out a review of record-keeping practices for Mr Key's texts between November 2008 and November 2014.
As historians explored the stories of Asian, Mexican-American, Russian, Swedish, Primitive, Landmark, Independent, Seventh-day Baptists, and more, librarians and archivists supplied presentations on where and how those groups may be researched.
Paul Tiessen asks the question more generally in "'I want my story told': The Sheila Watson Archive, the Reader, and the Search for Voice," as he investigates how the subjectivity of the archivist, the researcher, or even the donor can affect the archives.
Because archives patrons can't browse the stacks and help themselves as they would in libraries, consulting with the archivist leads to much better results than depending on the minimal description in a finding aid, inventory, or collection overview.
Similarly, to an archivist, "context" means, "the organizational, functional, and operational circumstances surrounding materials' creation, receipt, storage, or use, and its relationship to other materials" and is a fundamental aspect of a record.
Thanks go to the Glenbow Library and Archives staff, particularly Doug Cass and Lindsay Moir; to Aimee Benoit, archivist for the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede; Anne Crouchley, Assistant Registrar, Joslyn Art Museum; Heather Beatty, designer, and staff at Unicorn Graphics; and Debbie Goodine at the Historical Society of Alberta.
Wilson began his career as an archivist at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario in 1970.
The place of the archive and of the archivist has changed dramatically in the television industry over the last decade.

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