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For additional references beyond those appearing in the notes that follow regarding both arcuated and trabeated altar ciboria, see Deer, Dynastic Porphyry Tombs, 32 n.
Popular in the Near East, the ancients regarded the Dioskouroi as intermediaries between gods and humankind and as agents of immortality; perhaps, therefore, the image of two piloi upon an altar is somehow related to the arcuated funereal canopies discussed earlier.
But one might argue plausibly that architects and their patrons knowingly court those two related, near-universal sensations--awe and the immanence of the divine--every time they raise a dome or, for that matter, any graceful arcuated structure, whether on a grand or intimate scale.
Yet again, the image of an enthroned monarch beneath an arcuated canopy is clear.
Retreating farther into Antiquity for the sources of the arcuated throne canopy leads back once again to the Orient and reaffirms the link between that motif and the concept of the divine origins of earthly prerogative.
Even more useful to the discussion here than are those actual early-medieval starry domes, Simeon's tripartite equation is especially helpful because it signals that the discreteness suggested earlier for all three categories of arcuated canopies described thus far--covering thrones, tombs, and now altars as well--is less than absolute.