ardent admirer

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She was persuaded that irrepressible passion was the cause of his impatience; and being an ardent admirer of impulsiveness (when it did not lead to the spending of money) she always received him with a genial twinkle of complicity and a play of allusion to which May seemed fortunately impervious.
Demi, with infantile penetration, soon discovered that Dodo like to play with `the bear-man' better than she did him, but though hurt, he concealed his anguish, for he hadn't the heart to insult a rival who kept a mine of chocolate drops in his waistcoat pocket, and a watch that could be taken out of its case and freely shaken by ardent admirers.
BUQ vice-president Firoz Khan, who is an ardent admirer of Urdu poetry, delivered the vote of thanks.
It is not only the Toffees manager who is Tan ardent admirer of the former Olympiakos winger.
It is not only the Toffees manager who is an ardent admirer of the former Olympiakos winger.
Even the most ardent admirer of the Pakistani captain wouldn't have dared dreaming about Misbah's and Richards' names being mentioned in the same breath one day.
Wenger fears that Wilshere could fail to fulfil his immense potential unless he changes his habits and the Arsenal boss has been an ardent admirer of Stevenage-born Wilshere since he watched him play as a 15-year-old.
The Essex star, 30, has been bombarded with hideous comments and even death threats from Justin's hardcore Twitter followers - enough to put off even the most ardent admirer.
With Mallika's recent histrionics, it is no secret that she is an ardent admirer of Gujarat CM Narendra Modi and even went to the extent of recording a dissyllabic video message for the politician's birthday.
On one excursion to the shops an ardent admirer even risked the ire of other motorists in the car park as he stopped and waited until I had parked up and got out just to tell me how impressed he was, and ask if it was as fast as it looked.
As an ardent admirer, I pray to God that you may live many more years to guide the Indian film industry and aspiring young people, who want to take up acting as a profession.
Pyongyang s official government website recently posted a parody of the South Korean music video phenomenon "Gangnam Style" that mocked Park as an ardent admirer of her father s repressive and autocratic rule.