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For a poet to admit the weakness of words communicates well the arduousness of attaining God.
To some extent, however, the arduousness of the PIC process has been ameliorated by the subsequent enactment of the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act.
Communicating such a monumentally critical theory as evolution may take on its own sense of arduousness, especially when sharing such ideas with newly-minted undergraduates or high school students who may or may not have experienced a progressive biology curriculum (Bybee, 2001; Langen, 2004).
The letters, as we know, frequently recount the family circle's multiple visits to the capital, journeys undertaken without any particular sense of adventure or arduousness.
Milton's very arduousness of spirit calls for elevation on the part of the reader.
90) Pieper's life teaches the arduousness with which a virtuous life is attained.
Job arduousness variables also influenced the probability of claiming, and our estimates indicated that conditional on an injury having occurred, older workers were more likely to file a claim.
For both reasons--the arduousness of the task as well as the incompatibility of sitting at trial, on appeal, and at the Supreme Court level--the Justices ardently opposed their circuit judges tasks.
As Rosenberg notes, "Although some administrators questioned the hours and arduousness of nurse training, few challenged the structural subordination within which that work was performed" (24).
In these early passages of Sentenced to Death Raworth at once memorably evokes the physical arduousness of travel and gives these fragmentary journeys the slightly faded air of excerpts from an old exploration narrative.
More travel and communication is assumed to broaden horizons and enable contact with others, and the increased use of energy in households taken to signify greater comfort and the use of machinery to mitigate the arduousness of some household tasks.