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As soon as they say they aren't fussy, take that as your cue to say: 'We are doing this.
The kids aren't fussy eaters, she said, and everyone likes fruits and vegetables.
We aren't fussy about it, but would appreciate others not forcing their beliefs on us.
While they aren't fussy about soil, most thrive in a rich container mix that provides good drainage.
Tuatara are sit-and-wait predators," says Daugherty "They sit in front of their burrow all night, in a sort of advertising display [to ward off] other tuatara, and hoping a food item will wander by" They aren't fussy about what they eat: skinks, worms, giant weta crickets, even young tuatara or birds--anything that moves.
We're looking for clean contemporary looks that aren't fussy.
Some malls even ask walkers what type of music they prefer, but man walkers aren't fussy.
IF you don't mind taking it to the wire and aren't fussy about where you end up, you could bag a bargain by leaving it until the last minute.
Birds aren't fussy - take your pick from cotoneaster, hawthorn, holly, honeysuckle, ivy, June berry, rowan, spindle, cornflower, evening primrose, dogwood, crab apple, firethorn, forget-me-not, honesty, sunflower and teasel.
Most guys aren't fussy when it comes to getting laid.