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3C), which, in combination with aridity, produce the most extreme deserts of southern South America (Cabrera & Willink, 1980) (Fig.
Space, itself the product of incorrigible aridity and hence more or less permanent, continues to suggest unrestricted freedom, unlimited opportunity for testings and heroisms, a continuing need for self-reliance and physical competence (Stegner, 1992, 111).
For tropical alpine eco-systems, which are often found at much higher elevations than their middle-latitudinal equivalents, data on plant transpiration and aridity are limited.
The last zones colonized were those that were the most inhospitable because of their aridity and extreme temperatures.
A father and son find that their romantic yearnings lead only to aridity in Le Desert de l'amour (1925; translated as The Desert of Love, 1929); the family circle is further examined in Le Noeud de viperebts (1932; translated as Vipers ' Tangle, 1933).
In addition, while charcoal is a traditional source of energy and fuel, demand for it drastically affects forest reserves and further reduces rainfall thereby exacerbating aridity.
Such extreme aridity leads to a drop in the abundance of microbial life to below detection levels even on Earth, as documented for example in the Atacama desert in Chile.
And the Ted Walshtrained Jamie The Tailor, an eye-catching fourth on his debut at Naas in a maiden, from which the likes of Stellar Mass and Aridity have emerged, appeals in the finale, the Irish Independent Maiden.
The Secretary underscored a need for scientists and researchers in Pakistan to steer policy research that focus on solutions, direly needed for combating climate change induced expanding aridity and desertification in the country.
They trace the tension at the intersection of cities, aridity and resource scarcity, and a libertarian political outlook in the Great Basin--statistically the fastest-growing urban region in the United States.
Aridity can continue Willie McCreery's outstanding run in the males' mile maiden (2.
d old In the second of the maidens, Aridity makes plenty of appeal following his good debut run at Killarney.