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0]: We suppose that arithmetic mean of social network utilization frequency by finding new business contacts and job opportunities from the point of view of male is equal to arithmetic mean of social network utilization frequency by mentioned purpose from the point of view of female and at the same time we assume that the difference between them, if it exists, is caused only by coincident variation of selection results.
The first method joins two projections along a selected latitude, the second method computes an arithmetic means of two projections, and the third method is a new approach to combine selected characteristics of two projections.
Here f = A(a, b ; p, q) is arithmetic mean in weighted form.
as weighted arithmetic mean of mobile averages, the weights being the intervals between the moments, if these intervals are different:
The following question arises: Suppose we have a continuous interpolation between the geometric and arithmetic means, i.
Current assessment cycle arithmetic mean levels of the final rubric scores and their standard deviations for all Program LOs (Figure 4),
The analysis of data reveals that majority of the LIS professionals have knowledge of HTML, followed by C++, XML and Java which is also evident from the value of weighted arithmetic mean.
Name Notation Definition Arithmetic Mean A(a, b) [a + b]/2 Geometric mean G(a, b) [square root of [ab]] Harmonic Mean H(a, b) [2ab]/[a + b] Logarithmic Mean L(a, b) [[a - b]/[In a - In b]] when a [not equal to] b a when a [not equal to] b Heron Mean [H.
The authors also estimated dietary exposures to animal-derived estrogens and contrasted estimated dietary intakes with predicted arithmetic mean levels of estrogen intake from drinking water, and with four different estimates of acceptable daily estrogen intake (derived based on a variety of assumptions regarding uncertainty factors and exposure levels associated with observable effects.
The arithmetic mean, or average, density of assaults was 69 per square mile, while the average density of alcohol outlets per square mile was 20.
Tables 5 and 6 show the arithmetic mean of diameters 1 and 2 of all the process conditions for a frozen layer of 0.
x]: arithmetic mean, SD: standard deviation, V: variance, PCV: packed cell volume, RBC: red blood cells, Hb: hemoglobin, MCV: mean corpuscular volume, MCH: mean corpuscular hemoglobin, MCHC: MCH concentration, WBC: white blood cells, Ne: neutrophils, Ly: lymphocytes, Mo: monocytes, Eo: eosinophils, Ba: basophils.