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The reproductive cycle and potential protandric development of the Noah's ark shell, Arca noae L.
8, the wear masses of the Scapharca subcrenata rib pattern shell and the Burnt-end Ark shell increase with the relative sliding velocity being added.
10, the wear resistance of the Burnt-end Ark shell is better than that of the Scapharca subcrenata rib pattern shell.
The wear resistance of Burnt-end Ark shell and Scapharca subcrenata node rib pattern shell is better than that of Scapharca subcrenata rib pattern shell under the relative sliding velocity of 2.
The ark shell Scapharca broughtonii (Schrenck 1867) is distributed in muddy substrates (Kan-no 1966) along the coasts of the Russian Far East, Korea, China, and Japan (Lutaenko 19]93, Matsukuma & Okutani 2000).
Several previous studies analyzed age and growth of the ark shell, and the methods used in these studies can be classified into the following 3 types: decomposition of size-frequency distribution into year-classes (Machida 1988), studies of age characteristics based on the shell's outer growth rings (Fisheries Agency 1977, Selin 2000, Silina 2006), and age studies based on acetate replicas of the shell's internal growth rings (Gabaev & Olifirenko 2001).
KEY WORDS: subcrenated ark shell, Scapharca kagoshimensis, gametogenesis, reproductive cycle, glycogen content
The subcrenated ark shell Scapharca kagoshimensis (Tokunaga, 1906) is an epifaunal bivalve inhabiting the intertidal to subtidal zones along the coasts of central and southern Japan, Korea, and China.
Although the thermograph we placed on the ark shell bed only functioned from July to December 2002, the record was sufficient to show that the temperature record from the NOAA satellite provided a good approximation of temperatures at our study site (Fig.
ABSTRACT Over the period from June 2002 to June 2003, we examined the relationship of seasonal changes in the mass of the gonad and somatic tissues to environmental factors for four size groups of the zebra ark shell Arca zebra at Chacopata, in northeastern Venezuela.
Experimentation to improve recruitment of blood ark shell, Scapharca broughtonii, in the Seto Inland Sea.