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Brack insisted that the race would be his only venture into rally car, although he admitted, with more arm-twisting, that he might return for the event next year.
Prime Minister Gordon Brown appears confident of securing a global deal at the G20 summit as he began a final round of diplomatic arm-twisting.
There is much arm-twisting going on behind the scenes at Westminster to ensure rebels, including most notably Nick Brown, MP for Newcastle East and Wallsend, fall into line.
Giving to charity should be a conscious act of free will - not as the result of badgering on street corners and verbal arm-twisting.
We had a lot of willing volunteers and didn't have to do any arm-twisting,' he said.
A medical marijuana bill passed the Republican-controlled Vermont house last year only to be killed by Dean's arm-twisting.
TENSE phone calls, covert arm-twisting and late-night, last-minute deals - such was the fraught arena in which the world's decision- makers fought over the fate of Iraq.
has no voting members in Congress, the arm-twisting has fallen to a group of D.
In the United Kingdom, the Timeshare Consumers Association (TCA) claims the industry systematically cheats consumers; it's pushing for legislation to end the arm-twisting practices.
Last week's sale ends a period of intense arm-twisting between Boston Properties, the Hadar family and several of their partners.
In perhaps the most over-the-top example of clerical arm-twisting, a priest in suburban Washington, D.
But accumulating all that cash for the primaries must have kept volunteer fund-raisers hard at it arm-twisting business partners, knocking on back room doors, and generally making the deals everyone swears they're not making.