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On 2 May 2001, the French Council of Ministers appointed him deputy head of the DGA and director of the weapons systems directorate, supervising all national armament programmes.
Our Lincoln facility has been producing the CCLS structures for Raytheon since the late 1980s," said Jim Losse, vice president and general manager of advanced materials for General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products.
Our Armaments Cooperation Division is a key player in fostering interoperability among our friends and allies by pursuing agreements and relationships resulting in cooperative initiatives in research, development and acquisition.
The universal armament interface exemplifies just such a transformation.
Hence it was not before 1941 that Volkswagen started to produce its military version of the Volkswagen, the so-called Kubelwagen, and the full transformation to armaments production was only achieved at the beginning of 1943.
gave Coy $500 in expense money on April 14 and sent him to pick up the armaments at a Boeing plant in Duluth, Ga.
Under that plan, Jordan has substantially reduced expenditures on armaments in order to create better economic conditions and to pay off foreign debts.
In his previous role as Executive Vice President, Land & Armaments Operating Group, Bob was responsible for the execution and delivery of customer requirements, financial commitments, and continuous improvement of the operations within Land & Armaments.
Sweden) analyzes how the issues of armaments has been handled and conceptualized within the two spheres of European integration related to the political economy project, developed through the European Union and the defense and security project organized through the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Western European Union, and recently through the EU.
The Armaments Cooperation Division (SAF/IAPQ) engages foreign partners in R&D and acquisition planning, on a bilateral or multilateral basis, in equitably sharing resources and technology for the purpose of meeting common needs.
The first antipersonnel round for the Abrams Main Battle Tank was designed by the Armaments Engineering and Technology Center, Picatinny Arsenal, N.
ARDEC's rich heritage and strong knowledge base acts as a springboard for innovative armaments engineering practices and technologies.

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