armed attack

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The most obvious factor relevant to whether this cross-border raid can be considered an armed attack for the purpose of Article 51 is the gravity or severity of the attack, the jurisprudence for which comes mainly from the judgment in the ICJ's Nicaragua case.
Through an examination of State practice and ICJ decisions, this article examines the requirement that an armed attack must be attributable to the State against which self-defence is exercised.
military bases in Japan without prior consultations with Tokyo in the event of an armed attack on the Korean Peninsula, according to the researcher who uncovered the document.
Five high school students who were arrested for plotting an armed attack on a school sued city and county officials under [section] 1983, alleging violations of the Fourth Amendment relating to searches and their arrest, malicious prosecution, and violations of the Eighth Amendment.
were criminal attacks, not "armed attacks" by another state, and 2) there was not an imminent threat (38) of an armed attack on the U.
Article 5 is part of NATO's charter, adopted on April 4, 1949, and it states: "The Parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all.
During one simulated armed attack, the Times says a team "was able to reach and simulate sabotaging enough equipment to cause a core melt.
SHIKARPUR -- Two real brothers were gunned down in an armed attack by their maternal-uncles in village Shahdad Shar over occupation of government plot in the remits of Rustam police station on Saturday.
Mr Shah was talking to journalists on Wednesday after offering condolence to Pervaiz Chandio on the death of his grandfather, Raees Karamullah Chandio, chairman of union council Baladai; his father Mukhtiar Chandio and uncle Qabil Chandio in an armed attack on their house in Mehar town on Jan 17.
KIRKUK, IRAQ (NINA) - Four members of the popular mobilization forces were killed and wounded in an armed attack west of Kirkuk.