armed response vehicle

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armed response vehicle (ARV)

a police vehicle staffed by specially trained officer who are prepared to deal with firearms matters at any time. Typically staffed by a driver and operator and an observer, they can call upon further armed support. See SPECIALIST FIREARMS OFFICER.
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The armed response vehicle was tasked to deal with the other accident as it was the closest police vehicle to the scene.
Armed response vehicle (ARV) crews are now helping with domestic disputes, missing person inquiries, attempted suicides and even road accidents while armed.
A Northern Constabulary spokesman said: 'There is more than one armed response vehicle.
Armed response vehicle crews were called immediately, a police spokeswoman said.
As soon as the armed response vehicle turns the corner they have sprung into action.
The two officers manning the armed response vehicle (ARV) were not in the area of west Cumbria, the area they would normally patrol, where Bird launched his crime spree, killing 12 and injuring 11 on June 2, last year, the hearing was told.
Shortly afterwards, an armed response vehicle chased a silver Chrysler that failed to stop into Ashlin Road, a dead-end road in Leyton.
The armed response vehicle came along and he tells me that the next thing he was over the bonnet and a pistol was being held to his head.
An armed response vehicle was called to the flat at first, along with police dogs.
Depending on how it was adapted, it could be used as an armed response vehicle, in high speed pursuits or to chauffeur VIPs.
In another case last year, a member of an Armed Response Vehicle (ARV) team accidentally shot a bullet through the floor of a police car he was travelling in.
The officers used their radios to call for support and an armed response vehicle was sent to the scene.