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The appellate court upheld the trial judge's decision to admit testimony regarding body armor into evidence and noted that the trial judge correctly balanced probativeness against prejudice.
At the end of April 2008, Vector Strategy will publish a new release of their Armor Procurement Forecast for US Military Ground Vehicles.
Of the other Humvees there, roughly 80 percent--or about 10,500--have now been equipped with armor, either at the factory or in the field.
Armor procurement for light tactical vehicles will drive 38% of total 2008 material requirements, armor for mine protected vehicles and MRAPs will drive 31% of material requirements, and armor procurement for combat vehicles will drive 20% of material requirements.
Vector forecasts additional armor procurement for fiscal year 2009 to 2013 (above the DoD's base budget for those years) to address contingency operations in which U.
In addition, as opposed to the system mentioned in the study, the Green Armor system does not require the use of challenge questions, and, therefore, does not increase risks of Identity Theft by conditioning users to answer sensitive challenge questions over the Internet before they know the identity of the party asking the questions.
Green Armor Solutions' Identity Cues[TM] series of enterprise software products leverages a combination of psychology and technology, thereby delivering a solution that is both more effective and easier to implement than alternative offerings.
King added, "We are currently performing further armor research and developing new ceramic composite armor designs for additional HMMWV variations, as well as other military vehicles.
Green Armor Solutions will enable EPIC to strengthen authentication and to meet new FFIEC security guidelines without sacrificing user friendliness.
Green Armor Solutions will enable Mid-Atlantic's members to strengthen authentication for online banking and to meet new FFIEC and NCUA security guidelines without sacrificing user friendliness, and without having to endure a complicated and costly enrollment process.
We are committed to providing our soldiers the finest armor protection available.
Under the contract extension, Kaiser will deliver armor for the M1114 Up-armored HMMVV (Humvee), a model customized for the U.