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The armor can withstand a range of threats encountered in mission areas and is fit for the rough environment at sea.
The goal was to create a replicable force protection system with blueprints that other units could use to add armor to TRAMs anywhere in Iraq.
Course the whole problem can be solved by remembering to slide the hitch pin in place after closing the armor and securing it with the attached locking device.
Although the researchers aren't sure about the function of the snail's sulfide armor, it may provide protection from predatory snails.
Unfortunately, as body armor became more effective for law enforcement, the criminal element also learned of its value.
Plate armor was worn in Europe from the 1400s to 1600s.
In 2008, Vector Strategy projects that metals represent 66% of total material requirements (by weight), non-metals represent 17%, and transparent armor represents 16%.
50-caliber machinegun while under armor," Flanagan said.
The new line included the assembly of ballistic liners to the armor, coating, and final assembly of the armor kit.
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