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The armored car and courier operation must be in operation for at least 5 years.
The "David" is an ultra-light armored personnel carrier for combat missions designed for the urban low intensity conflict.
As the biggest vehicle body builder in India, we have often been asked to supply armored vehicles," said Vineet Chandra, Managing Director, JN group.
Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2: Special Forces, Battlefield 2: Euro Force, Battlefield 2: Armored Fury and Battlefield Vietnam are trademarks of Digital Illusions CE AB.
With its 600 employees, United Armored Services provides a wide range of services, including secured cash/valuable commodities transportation, ATM service and technical support, cash processing services, currency and coin processing as well as coin wrapping.
According to market estimates, more than 3,800 armored vehicles were built in Brazil last year.
Survivability enhancements include Abrams Reactive Armor Tiles fitted to the sides of the hull, slat armour fitted to the hull rear, slat armour around the sides and rear of the turret and a Loader's Armored Gun Shield (Lags) to protect the loader when operating his machine gun.
Ceramics work better on armored personnel carriers, but are not practical for trucks, simply because this technology is too expensive, King said.
There have to be other advantages to the sulfide-coated scales, he says, because other species of snails--ones that are just as common and presumably just as meaty and delicious as their armored kin--thrive around the vents despite the presence of predatory snails.
43, both former law enforcement officers and longtime employees of Armored Transport Inc.