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At non duobus magnis potentibusque societatibus nationum noster cursus tempore placere non potest; ambo pretio armorum novorum magnopere onerati, ambo mortiferum atomum augentem vere veriti, certans tamen uterque ut incertam trutinam terroris turbent quae inter gentes obstet bello ultimo.
Ael(ius) Arima| nus, (custos) armorum, | b(ene) m(erenti) f(ecit), | (sestertium) II (centis) n(ummum).
Anglo also demonstrates that Rosello's debate over the primacy of arms and letters was lifted in large part from Nifo's De armorum literarumquecomparatione commentariolus.
A penchant for melancholic absurdity, for instance, surfaces repeatedly in selections from several series of long-exposure photographs--including "Sketches," 2003-2004, "Apparatum Armorum Ineptum," 2003-2004, "My Reproof," 2003-2004, "Operation Idiocracy, 2003-2007, and "ergo despero," 2007--that formed the core of the show.
Low-tech science projects, circa the early '70s, set the tone for selections from "Apparatum Armorum Ineptum," which document what appears to be a failed attempt to launch a rooftop rocket.
o, cancelled] massario eorum camera armorum quatenus tendat claves sale pape et atigue habitationem an.
The noble art of the tournament is analogous to the virtus innata and splendor armorum of "our princes and guests" in the eastern kingdoms.
For three related series known as "My Reproof," "Sketches," and "Apparatum Armorum Ineptum," Perlman layers more unsure narcissism onto the Pygmalion/Frankenstein impulse of the prior work, creating a mythic and mundane world of friends, phantoms, props, and tools, as well as a kind of possible self.
hinc enim non minus illustris per totum orbem ejus fama quam ex armorum gestis evagatur.
greater than] Nobilitatem e litteris ortam non minus illustrem esse quam quae ex armorum gestis clarissimis quamvis originem ducat: quae quidem assertio primo formari potest per.