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One hundred percent of the Eagle Ford work is in open country," said Arrant.
If we can elude the arrant nonsense, we might manage to know.
But he's uniquely frustrating because of the way his books combine arrant cobblers with smatterings of sense.
Director of Photography is Boa Simon (Summer Campbell) and Costume Designer is Shannon Arrant of Tatterdemalion Shoes.
To her contemporaries, she was known as "an arrant whore and a bawde," catering for everyone from "ingraunts" (immigrants) to "welthyemen" and the aristocracy.
There are also large numbers of sheep and cattle producers in Warwickshire, especially around Southam, and his suggestion that Warwickshire has been 'turned into an arable desert' is offensive, arrant nonsense from a man who really should know better.
The 45-year sentence was fitting considering his prior DWI history," arrant County Assistant District Attorney Erin Cofer said, reported Fox.
GEORGE Arrant thinks the historical buildings surrounding Cathays Park, like the courts, museum and university, are the best in the city.
And when the puzzle pieces fall together--or in the case of the labyrinth, when we arrive at the center--one character gets caught in a cycle of arrant violence.
Equally, poor diet, alcohol and tobacco abuse are as much a product of poor social circumstance and low self-esteem as they are of arrant laziness.
Arrant attends almost exclusively to terminally ill patients, but said that many families, despite their good intentions, ask too much of doctors.