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Look here," resumed D'Artagnan; "here is Monsieur de Bragelonne, who determined at all risks to aid the arrest of Broussel and whom I had great difficulty to prevent defending Monsieur de Comminges.
Why do you look first on one side and then on the other, as if you were afraid of being arrested yourself, you whose business it is to arrest others?
Stay," said the king; "do not make his arrest a public affair.
I have been followed from London Bridge Station, and I am sure that they are only waiting for the warrant to arrest me.
An hour ago I was called to the presence of her Highness, Ozma of Oz, and told to arrest a boy named Ojo the Unlucky, who was journeying from the Munchkin Country to the Emerald City and would arrive in a short time.
Representations have been made to us by the American Government that the murder of two of her citizens within the course of twenty-four hours, and the absence of any arrest, is somewhat of a reflection upon our police service.
But then I should assert the spirit which dominated me, I should resist arrest, and insist upon bringing my ship back across the dead line, remaining at my post until we had reached New York.
No, you won't," answered the secretary in a voice like an iron gong, "you will arrest me for murder.
Perhaps, though, you have a warrant for his arrest in your pocket now," suggested Poirot.
When you can't arrest the real murderer," he said with an air of supreme irony, "you can always indulge in the luxury of discovering accomplices.
He had shown signs of some obscure nervous disease before his arrest and this now developed into violent attacks of epilepsy, from which he suffered for the rest of his life.
It's all very well to shrug your shoulders, but when there are eighteen arrests within one week on a charge of espionage, there must be something up.