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ARRESTEE, law of Scotland. He in whose hands a debt, or property in his possession, has been arrested by a regular arrestment. If, in contempt of the arrestment, he shall make payment of the sum, or deliver the goods arrested to the common debtor, he is not only liable criminally for breach of the arrestment, but he must pay the debt again to the arrester. Ersk. Pr. L. Scot. 3, 6, 6.

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Arrestees who participate in the ADAM program are surveyed concerning their substance use and, at the conclusion of the interview, are asked to provide a urine specimen, which is screened for the presence of 10 illicit drugs.
In the calendar section, arrestees first identify a number of significant events (e.
NPA observed that the Ninth Circuit appeared to have neglected the distinction between United Reporting's newsletters and the use to which the information in them is later put by the lawyers and others who solicit business from the arrestees.
Less than half (range: 12%-47%) of the facilities had a policy of offering routine STD testing to arrestees for chlamydia, gonorrhea, or syphilis (Table 1).
Not only are drug-positive arrestees often in need of immediate substance abuse treatment, but their inevitable return to the community may pose great public health concerns.
These policies never mention placing signs on arrestees for any reason; HIV is no exception.
The Stat RPR project provides testing on admission to all women arrestees entering CCJ during the second shift (3 p.
In Forrester, the arrestees were engaged in passive noncompliance.
During that time, no arrestees were injured, although one officer received a back injury while attempting to catch a protestor who suddenly had gone limp.
Arrestees brought a [section] 1983 action alleging that their arrests for violating a ticket-scalping ordinance was a violation of their Fourth Amendment rights.
Gorski,(13) Federal agents unzipped and searched a bag carried by one of two arrestees and found 1 kilogram of cocaine.
Arrestees brought a [section] 1983 action against a state, alleging they had been subjected to illegal strip and visual body cavity searches.