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For example, the most complete entry I looked at on March 16 included the date of the arrest, time of the arrest, location, booking type, 13-digit arrest number, name of the arresting officer, name of the booking officer, status of the arrest, date and time of release, who set the bail, who provided the bail, bail amount, arrestees' name, sex, race, age, list of charges, statute under which the person was arrested, the violation, legal description.
Federal officials fanned out across Southern California over the past week in one of the biggest sweeps of its kind, arresting 761 illegal immigrants ranging from murder suspects to visa violators.
The first question is, simply, "Why are presumably stable patients admitted to our medical floors arresting in the first place?
The Iraq police commandos are arresting Iraqi journalists for doing their work," says Ibraheem Al-Saraj, head of the Association for Defending Iraqi Journalists' Rights.
The Court addressed the constitutionality of arresting several companions when information suggests at least one may be involved in criminal activity.
A defendant arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana brought a [section] 1983 action against the arresting officers, alleging false arrest and malicious prosecution.
Aside from the recognizances which bind prostitutes' clients for attacking their arresting officers (to be discussed in more detail shortly), there are remarkably few recognizances against heterosexual men which combine charges of lewdness with non-sexual offences.
The police have been accused of being heavy-handed while arresting suspected criminals.
Hixon told the Reporter this fail that a formal investigation had shown that the three arresting officers violated many procedures.
When British Prime Minister Tony Blair came to power in 1997, he initiated a policy of forcibly arresting war-crimes indictees in the British sector of Bosnia.
However, the government's secret police closely monitor all Internet traffic that passes through these portals and have had little trouble identifying and arresting those expressing opinions deviating from Communist Party doctrine.
It is vital that victims be defibrillated within three minutes of arresting.