arrive at an understanding

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On one side hung a very large oil-painting so thoroughly besmoked, and every way defaced, that in the unequal cross-lights by which you viewed it, it was only by diligent study and a series of systematic visits to it, and careful inquiry of the neighbors, that you could any way arrive at an understanding of its purpose.
Both the parties are trying sincerely to arrive at an understanding on CMP of governance.
With an aggressive BJP -- which is also eying civic bodies, it would be tough to arrive at an understanding over the seats.
It is necessary to approach Afghan Taliban to arrive at an understanding.
In the end, they arrive at an understanding of the new South Africa that is neither sentimental nor desolate--one that situates it in the postmodern world of excess and desire.
His main theme is that to fully comprehend or define human rights, we must first arrive at an understanding of what it means to be a human being.
All Homes Pty Ltd has provided the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission with a court enforceable undertaking following concerns that All Homes may have attempted to induce real estate agents to arrive at an understanding about real estate agents fees.
He explained: "Talks are held to arrive at an understanding, not to impose anything.
Within the themes of philosophical and policy perspectives, diverse perspectives on gender discourses, and discourses on narratives as safe spaces, they consider such topics as a social justice and human rights education project, identity premised on equality of difference as a fundamental human right, white male teachers' experiences of aggression, using interdisciplinary feminist theory to arrive at an understanding of critical educators who put human rights at the center of school curriculum, and embracing diverse narratives for a postmodernist human rights education curriculum.
In this multi-faceted dialogue, we engage the novel via its parts as we attempt to create meaning and arrive at an understanding of the whole.
The Association of Governing Board advises that "the governing board should collaborate with the president, senior leadership team and faculty leaders to arrive at an understanding concerning strategic direction, then to ensure that the institution has or can raise the resources necessary to sustain the mission, compete in the educational marketplace and accomplish these strategic goals.
It stated: "Should the powers fail to arrive at an understanding, the possibility of a European conflagration might have to be guarded against, but this calamity was not at all likely.