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Our correspondence and even letters from our lawyer remain arrogantly unanswered.
On the condition of anonymity, one of the parliamentarians of ruling party informed ONLINE, that personal secretary of PM behaved arrogantly with both opposition and official MNAs, alike.
Regardless of how long we have been a part of any group, we should ask ourselves if we arrogantly believe that we are of more value than others, or if we humbly acknowledge that others have as much to offer as we do.
He arrogantly let me know that he doesn't even want to know what I have to say," Modric was quoted, as saying.
They added that non-commissioned police officers dealt with them arrogantly making some of them feel they were inferior.
Then there's said football player who has been having his cake and eating it for months - arrogantly presuming that he can get away with his infidelities because he's rich enough to pay a team of lawyers to hush them up.
Hitler and his cohorts had arrogantly jackbooted their way through mainland Europe, looting and pillaging and it would only have been a matter of time before an invasion was attempted on our shores.
Cameron has even arrogantly bypassed strict Civil Service rules which require him to advertise the posts before hiring his team of forelocktugging spinmeisters.
The warnings that were given about this at the time were arrogantly ignored by the programme planners.
It's hard to think of any other major sport or industry in which women are theoretically involved on an equal footing that would so unthinkingly and arrogantly fail to include the views and input of half the population.
The likes of your correspondent Anne West claim they "do not have a problem" with people debating immigration, but they do arrogantly demand a veto over what is allowed in that debate.
One wonders how this large amount of money could be justified, yet Miss Willott arrogantly suggests it is up to the BBC to decide the use of our money