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So when the region's leaders come to Washington to plead for engagement and intervention, ask for money or ask for arms,'' he added, "Let them first answer the question: Are you an arsonist or are you a firefighter?
The room had looked like headquarter of the arsonist.
YOUTH leaders determined arsonists would not put them out of business for the second time in their club's 48 year history now have a brand new building - two years after their last one was razed to the ground.
On Tuesday night, hikers were unsettled to hear an arsonist was on the loose.
The bill would require arsonists to register annually with the local jurisdiction in which they live, work and attend school.
2008--In a major policy shift, Govenor Schwarzenegger today announced that he was no longer actively pursuing the arsonists, believed hiding in Nevada, who had devastated California last year and caused billions of dollars in damage.
12) Findings revealed that parents of juvenile arsonists often experience personal and marital distress, and their children have exposure to stressful life events, poor supervision, and minimal family affiliation.
A giant map, an aerial view of the city, hangs nearby, with tiny flames marking each of the 19 fires linked to the arsonist.
Back in September 1996, Fareed Zakaria, managing editor of the CFR's flagship journal Foreign Affairs, penned a very revealing essay for Newsweek concerning arsonist Saddam Hussein.
The fire was reported at 3am after the arsonist struck in the first-floor lobby of the flats in Hastings, East Sussex.
Last year, the FBI credited an unknown Phoenix arsonist with causing at least $5 million in damage by torching nine luxury homes bordering the environmentally sensitive Phoenix Mountains Preserve.
officials hope to be able to catch the next arsonist in the act.