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Among its many benefits, ARTERIA will make it possible to deliver increasingly personalized medicine and to treat and medicate patients more effectively, thus saving lives.
T2: inmediatamente antes y durante la incision de piel y pared abdominal, T3: despues de la incision de piel y pared abdominal, T4: al ligar las arterias ovaricas y uterinas derecha e izquierda (Figura 3), T5: durante la ligadura del cuello uterino (Figura 4), T6: al suturar pared abdominal y piel, T7: quince minutos despues de suspendida la administracion de isoflurano.
Of course no city break would be complete without a bit of retail therapy, and Lancaster has a catalogue of small independent shops and many thriving street markets - Arteria for modern living, arts and crafts, Reef for an ethical stance on alternative clothing, and in Atkinson's coffee shop, the coffee break you always promised yourself.
Mudamos o nosso escritorio para uma rua central, para a principal arteria da cidade.
A passagem do cortejo luminoso que, descendo a Avenida, entrou pela rua Treze de Maio, a masa popular que enchia a grande arteria deslocouse para os lados do Monroe, atrahida pela feerica iluminacao accrecida ainda pelas projecoes dos possantes holophotes de todos os navios de guerra surtos no porto.
The event is organized by the Cultural Development Center ARTeria and Education and Science Commission Secretariat of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.
the dog being kept alive by the reciprocal blowing up of his lungs with bellows, and they suffered to subside, for the space of an hour or more, after his thorax had been so displayed, and his Aspera Arteria (trachea) cut off just below the epiglottis and bound upon the nose of the bellows.
Carbone menziona Siena, Viterbo, Sutri, il Lago di Bolsena; manca, tuttavia, l'esplicito riferimento alla Francigena, arteria del pellegrinaggio internazionale.
First, we want a second-round presidential election run-off or at least SBY has to bring back the people s trust by competing in the run-off with us," Megawati s legal advisor Arteria Dahlan said, using Yudhoyono s nickname.
Her iki ayakta arteria dorsalis pedis ve arteria tibialis posteriora ait nabizlar palpabl idi, isi farki yoktu ancak his kaybi mevcuttu.
It will cover four acres of land in the new, $130 million ARTeria Valencia cultural complex--part of a network of performance, education, and related commercial spaces in several cities.