arterial highway

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The arterial highway of Ladakh NH 1D, which connects Ladakh with the rest of the world and remains closed for six months, was thrown open over the weekend.
Meanwhile, engineers believed that if a tunnel is constructed on the arterial highway, the situation was likely to improve, as the distance would be marginally reduced, apart from other benefits.
While work is progressing on the lengthening of the Sepulveda Tunnel for Taxiway C, a transmitter is being placed at the tunnel's entrance to provide drivers using that major arterial highway with traffic information.
Our strategic location close to the Al Maktoum International Airport, Jebel Ali Port and the arterial highways also leads to heavy truck and cargo traffic to and from DIP.
Our strategic location close to Al Maktoum International Airport, Jebel Ali Port and the arterial highways also leads to heavy truck and cargo traffic to and from DIP.
Real-time information will allow drivers and schedulers to reroute and reschedule according to current conditions in the port and on freeways and arterial highways.
Located a short distance from Dubai's arterial highways and the Emirate's two international airports, the district is in sight of the Creek, Dubai's historic trading epicentre, the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, and Dubai Mall, the world's largest shopping complex.
This includes wall-to-wall superfast broadband through a partnership with BT; a bid for City Deal status; major new business and leisure developments at key sites; integrated transport and IT systems across the city; and improvements along the city's arterial highways, railway station and public spaces.
THE linking roads from smaller cities to major arterial highways -- the Golden Quadrilateral and the North- South and East- West corridors -- are still potholed and at most places non- existent.
Located in close proximity to the Jebel Ali free zone with easy connectivity to Sheikh Zayed Road, Emirates Road and other arterial highways, Nuzul is a secure community that boasts on-site, dedicated centralized parking for heavy vehicles and staff buses.
In the future, it is worth discussing an additional system under which a special driver's license would be issued to people with reduced cognitive ability that would allow them drive in limited areas, banning them from driving on expressways and arterial highways, for example.
The oils help explain why each 410-calorie, five-teaspoons-of-sugar turnover sends a load of trans fat (six grams) and saturated fat (six grams) coursing through your arterial highways and byways Make Cinnabon Turnovers an "all-occasion pleasure" and soon some dislodged blood clot is going to hit a traffic jam that has no detour.

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