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The HIV-infected patients, essentially with total virological suppression and very low Framingham Risk Scores - a group that you would ordinarily not be particularly concerned about - had very significant arterial inflammation compared with the Framingham Risk Score matched controls," he commented.
Finally, the scientists demonstrated that mice that are genetically predisposed to develop atherosclerosis when fed a high fat diet did not develop chronic arterial inflammation when injected with the mouse version of the CKEY2 peptide.
Lipoic acid supplementation was associated with a significant reduction of atherosclerotic lesion formation and less arterial inflammation.
The trail led to research suggesting that low-grade arterial inflammation is as dangerous as high cholesterol levels in raising the risk of heart attack and stroke.
Some cardiovascular disease risk factors are well known, but the role of arterial inflammation, a strong predictor of risk, is not always as well understood.
These patients did have high levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), a protein associated with arterial inflammation that is not routinely measured.
The purpose of the experiments was to develop a baseline understanding of human artery biology and to gain insight into how arterial inflammation and early atherosclerosis develop in humans.
The independently-conducted preclinical studies illustrated what CorNova believes to be meaningful improvements in neointimal proliferation, arterial injury, arterial inflammation, and reendothelialization when compared to a market-leading bare stent in rabbit and porcine models.
Two innovative cardiologists, with a combined fifty years of experience, share their clinical insights on how to stop, reverse, and prevent the arterial inflammation and plaque that cause heart attack, heart failure, and stroke.