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Effects of armagnac extracts on human platelet function in vitro and on rat arteriovenous shunt thrombosis in vivo.
Improved access provided by an arteriovenous shunt greatly simplified the dialysis procedure and it was soon widely adopted.
Among the skin findings found in association with arteriovenous shunt irritant and allergic eczema was present in 7.
In such children, it may be acceptable to perform partial embolisation to reduce the arteriovenous shunt and facilitate normal systemic and neurological development, even with the presence of a residual shunt.
Local angiogenesis may be stimulated by local factors (eg, local venous thrombosis, postthrombotic arteriovenous shunts, and tumor production of angiogenic factors) and augmented by systemic factors (eg, oral contraceptives, female gender, and systemic elevation of tumor-associated growth factors).
7 Cutaneous complications originating due to arteriovenous shunt include infection, phlebitis and hematoma.
The most common hypothesis suggested is the direct irritation of the vasculature, owing to arterial embolism, caused by the drug along with drug crystallization with the development of arteriovenous shunt and ischemia secondary to para-arterial injection.
Chorioangioma can provide arteriovenous shunt that can lead to fetal cardiomegaly and fetal heart failure.
During hospitalization, the patient presented several episodes of epistaxis, and deterioration of cardiopulmonary function with higher oxygen requirements secondary to pulmonary arteriovenous shunts.
Arteriovenous shunts created for hemodialysis have been identified as cause of unexplained PH in patients with end-stage renal disease.
Raynaud's phenomenon is an abnormal vasospasm of digital arteries, precapillary arterioles, and dermal arteriovenous shunts that occurs in response to cold and various other stimuli.