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Together with assorted shrubs, grass and earth, the landscape is artfully arranged and anchored on a 90 x 30ft flat decked barge.
He artfully and beautifully voices each of the many characters in the story, and does so with amazing vocal versatility.
The Ledge artfully constructs a dialogue on misogyny in hip-hop lyricism ("Don't Listen To The Lyrics"), domestic violence ("Faulty Fuses") and a woman's discovery of the word as armor ("Rhyme Tissue") that is powerful and daring in its vulnerability.
Hymns and classics are skillfully matched and artfully interwoven, as if written for each other.
Fallende Frau, doppelkopfig (Falling woman, double-faced), 2004, is an apparently full-size female figure, which, however, is so elaborately swathed in artfully draped gray cloth that only its extremities are visible.
Interest is sustained by thought-filled examinations of biblical precepts all of which are artfully couched in an entertaining fictionalization of what might be called an atheist's apologetics.
That's right, $10--the cost of a movie in Manhattan, less than a pair of tights, less than an artfully garnished soyburger.
Bone to Pick touches down on several continents and artfully captures intimate portraits of courageous human beings.
In the end Ball ferrets out the truth, but not before artfully briefing the reader on sexual dimorphism, sex-change operations, transsexual psychology, and Charleston mores, He has written a polymorphously entertaining exopse.
Pictures are carefully and artfully grouped with sconces, wall brackets, and objets d'art.
But while Bernanke insists that the government can print new money "at essentially no cost," Crudele supplies the historical context that the Fed governor artfully avoided: "The printing press image is a hot button with economists because that's exactly what the Germans did in the 1920s when that country was faced with huge budget deficits because of World War I.
A wooden decoy, artfully painted, can fool real ducks into thinking it is a fellow feathered friend.