artfully contrived

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In the light of such claims even well-known texts like the diary of Samuel Pepys need to be appreciated not as spontaneously written and free-standing but as the artfully contrived product of revisions of earlier writings, chief of which was this man-on-the-make's meticulous record-keeping of his expenditure and income.
These often took the form of apartments or chapels in secluded parts of the houses, or in the roof space, where Mass could be celebrated with the utmost privacy and safety, and nearby there was usually an artfully contrived hiding-place, not only for the officiating priest to slip into in case of emergency, but also to provide a place where the vestments, sacred vessels, and altar furniture could be stored.
Ironically, McCrory goes to town with Celia's boredom, her seemingly artless physicality as artfully contrived as her drop-dead diction.
The works are not so much explorations as contemplations of color and form, and while they allude to Josef Albers's studies of color interaction, they are too artfully contrived, too singular, to be exercises.
He returned home to be elected Governor of New York and was so effective against corrupt politicians that, to get him out of its hair, the New York Republican machine artfully contrived to get him chosen as vice-presidential candidate to President McKinley in 1900.
He pressed flesh and he signed autographs, while Cherie, clutching Leo in her arms, took more than half an hour to walk 50 yards, so intent was she on the glad-handing opportunity they had so artfully contrived.
But this lack of artfully contrived selling schemes doesn't absolve them in Rushkoff's eyes.
It could have been an artfully contrived scene from one of the 1940s-era Hollywood films for which he wrote music scores, but in the fascinating, real-life world of Ernesto Lecuona, it was just one more memorable incident that would become part of the legend of the man widely recognized as Cuba's greatest composer.
Yet as William Leach showed in his book Land of Desire, what we may think of as the timeless rituals of modern consumer society were artfully contrived in a short period in the early twentieth century: "easy credit," the selling of Santa Claus, carnivalesque window and store displays and the professionalization of the advertising industry.
His account of Washington's intentional misreadings of Soviet conduct--specially in the artfully contrived, ambiguously alarmist "Clay telegram" of March 1948-reinforces the findings of Marzani and of later New Left historians on the Cold War's origins.
Again, historians may too easily be seduced by the artfully contrived structures which Dickens displays in order to condemn, but Surtees reminds us that it is virtually impossible to shut the mouth of a honest man.