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So while I can appreciate the thoroughgoing sincerity of Moore's writing, it often seems as though the poet was preoccupied with the poems' accessibility and sacrifices a good deal of artfulness to keep them straight-forward, poised, and, in some cases, just plain plain.
The writing of ethnography is therefore always also a "literary process," and the artfulness of ethnographic writing could no longer be confined to simply a consideration of an author's particular writing style, as was long the case in anthropology and folklore (4).
It could all have been stagemanaged by World Wrestling Entertainment but at least the leotard and thong fraternity conduct their pantomimes with inventive tongue-in-cheek dialogue and colourful artfulness.
Indeed, it might be imagined that they provide an alert reader with an impression of their artfulness that matches that of an observer new to maps in the sixteenth century.
considered it a bit of literary artfulness for one of them to identify
When we speak about the handiwork of the Macedonian woman and all that distinguishes out nation, we can gladly say that the artfulness to weave and wreathe a handiwork is not the main thing but also the emotions, prayers and all that the Macedonian woman is carrying deep in her soul and heart," said Metropolitan Petar.
2007), "Promoting Development through Information Technology Innovation: The IT Artefact, Artfulness, and Articulation", Information Technology for Development, 13(1): 49-69.
Morgan 1993: "In the Greek novels, side by side with the realistic elements so far discussed marches a second army of phenomena, which are there to draw attention to the textual surface and the artfulness of the artefact, and which thus locate the reader precisely as reader, a person with a book in his hand, reminded continually of the conventional, imaginary and playful nature of the activity in which he is engaged: it is, so to say, only make-believe.
Much of what she does see is erroneous or misleading, demonstrating the artfulness of Austen's twirling of the firescreen.
This is the power of our dwelling places, our public buildings, our towns and cities, and the art and artfulness they contain.