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How those in a Lutheran church body interpret Lutheran doctrines and articles of faith and how they develop their own contextualized Lutheran identity is their own task and responsibility that should not be done by any other.
The Twelve Articles of Faith have some explicitly Calvinistic theological ideas, as they were written by the Presbyterian and Reformed missionaries in Northern India at the turn of the 20th century.
In Articles of Faith, Gorney writes in euphemism-free prose about the time Widdicombe brought her chief abortionist to Washington, D.
Like Isaac Reed and Daniel Parker before him in Texas, Renfro came to question some of his church's teachings, its established articles of faith, its emphasis on doctrinal purity over acts of Christian piety, and his own position as a minister in the church.
Such beliefs are articles of faith for Linda Thompson.
Five articles of faith are required to wear by baptized Sikhs, the Kirpan, the Kara, a steel bracelet, the Kachhehra, a type of shorts, kes, the unshorn hairs and the Kangha, a comb, which is further covered by a turban.
Rivers (history, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh) looks at methods used in the late Middle Ages for preachers to remember the order of their sermons and to help the laity remember articles of faith.
Growing up in Tujunga with his five brothers, McKeon was raised on the 13 articles of faith, attended church and religious school every Sunday -- ``all day, it seemed like,'' he says now -- and was involved in boys' programs and priesthood meetings.
Catholicism is grounded in humanitarian interests and is crowned with articles of faith that deepen but do not contradict them.
The committee eventually settled on language reading, "Congress shall make no law establishing articles of faith or a mode of worship, or prohibiting the free exercise of religion.