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At times, he became quite emotional as you might expect, but he was very coherent, spoke really clearly and articulately.
Surely there are qualified psychiatrists who could more articulately offer counter arguments?
Publisher Robert Rock in his opening note (see page 2) articulately states the theme we've chosen to characterize the state of play--the "New Normal.
The first features mostly original members from the progressive rock combo who formed in the early 1960s, while the second articulately addresses the complicated compositions of fellow axeman Frank Zappa.
She articulately addresses the difficult reality (and privilege) of nurses' work, and reminds us that we are more than up to the challenge of providing nursing services, without subjugating our own interests as persons and as professionals committed to doing what we do well.
According to council chair, Bishop David Ashdown from the diocese of Keewatin, the council's voice needs to be heard clearly and articulately leading up to the next synod which will tackle the much-debated concerns surrounding the church's canon (law) on marriage.
Jules Benjamin articulately provides a history student with a new best friend.
We're looking forward to more such articulately expressed views.
During the week of February 18 to 22, listeners could hear the five articulately defend their titles and slowly eliminate all but the winner.
He spoke articulately with the sort of insight one yearns to hear from an ex-pro who has spent many years playing with distinction at the highest level.
Ringenbach has given us an articulately written, well documented biography of a true hero.
The inspectors added that they'd never before come across children of first school age who could talk so articulately about their learning and thinking.