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His innovation is to in effect argue that the expression of the idea, the articulateness or meaningfulness of the universal, already in itself takes the form of a task, and with that of a particular mode of accountability.
He possesses a rangey articulateness that could remind one of Steve Paxton, the father of contact improvisation.
15) Placing Crafts's field-slaves' unquoted use of "indecent language" alongside the articulateness of Dickens's brickmaker, who, like Esther, but with heavy irony, recognizes the contribution that environmental deprivation makes to his misery, can cut one of two main ways.
One advantage of a four-character phrase is its greater inherent articulateness and contextualization as compared to two-character terms.
There was a startling articulateness, so many concise statements about what he was doing--clear, clean, and mysterious, yet grounded in reality and often very funny.
She calls them demi-gods, and remains amazed by the articulateness of their forms, and the self-possession with which they occupied her home and space for the months after they appeared.
Perhaps--to risk a cliche, and pace Carey--Nureyev inherited all the articulateness for which Wilde was renowned in his day.
of brilliant articulateness, with its implicit substitution of form for
However, the opening discussion between Antigone and Ismene gives a full picture of her articulateness and concern for communicating her motivations.
The usual characteristics of individuals that determine leadership and task differentiation in small groups, such as knowledge, articulateness, energy, and available time, were operative in these groups.
progress toward a full articulateness of the author's feminist
I reflected on how articulateness in one setting may be disruptive in another, how Black assertiveness can be read as aggressive to people from cultures who value controlled emotion and physicality.