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There is a great feeling of satisfaction when a student articulates her or his own learning in words that she or he owns and understands asa result of that meaning being constructed through lived experience, active learning, and self reflection.
And as the symbolic meaning of the imagery built into Rowling's wizarding world is mostly latent until narrative intrudes on setting and begins to articulate it, so the ideals of transcendence and adaptation in Primary Reality remain unarticulated--and hence unexamined--except through the actions of the people who adhere to them.
While Kaplan's book more successfully articulates the relationship between representation and ideology, both Wexman and Kaplan's work suggest a conflation between theatrical and "real-life" performances in relation to gender.
True community is when our individuality comes together with our culture in a true fellowship--a fellowship that really articulates the creator who made us.
While the mission statement describes where the organization is going, the values statement articulates how it will get there.