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Businesses include: Artifex Gallery, Bennett and Bowman Interiors, Cafe Ceramica, Cathy Brown Aesthetic Beauty Clinic, Ebben & Yorke Wood Burning Stoves, Farmhouse Bistro, Fox Hill (fashion), Gemma Holley Millinery, Heritage Glass Rooms, KB Hair Design, Murraywells (garden furniture), Natty Accessories, Sarah Moseley Photography, Sutton Travel, The Candle Shop, The Hungry Horse (pet products) and The Lingerie Collection.
The artifex of Italy's collective identity reincarnated and displaced in this ambiguous chora under the name of a lonely Italian emigre is hopelessly isolated from the here and now of social life.
Genesis 2:15 and 3:19-23; the Pauline texts in which the apostle describes himself as a laborer; the opposing figures of Cain-the-tiller of the soil and Abel-the-tender of the flocks, Rachel and Leah, Martha and Mary)--was challenged by an idea of work no longer understood as penitential atonement for the original sin, but as a form of activity that could be meritorious and therefore a means of salvation in a world where God was increasingly seen as summus artifex or opifex.
Right at the beginning, Thierry states: "Circa artem rhetoricam decem consideranda sunt: quid sit genus ipsius artis, quid ipsa ars sit, quae eius materia, quod officium, quis finis, quae partes, quae species, quod instrumentum, quis artifex, quare rhetorica vocetur.
com; DRAPES: custom dyed white to chocolate effect; CHANDELIER: antique rope style; TABLE: metallic mosaic cocktail table; GRAVE RUBBING: antique from Pennsylvania; WALRUS BACKBONE: from Alaska; Kitchen/Breakfast Room: Interior Designer: Patti Hairston, Artifex Designed Interiors, Inc.
Formerly known as Artifex Business Identity Development, AFX unveiled this initiative to announce their evolution into a media production house specializing in VFX, UI/UX, and interactive product and training visualizations.
Here, the tragic potential of themes such as honor and destiny is certainly explored with great pathos and comprehension, but it is done within a moral framework of the Christian conception of human life as a divine comedy and of the historical world as a colorful and vivacious theater of ever-changing tableaux in a cosmic "opus magnum" created and enjoyed by the "deus artifex.
16) On the meaning, see Champlin 2003:49-51, who translates artifex as 'craftsman', and so 'what an artisan I am in my dying', not an artist, so low had he fallen.
Introduced by a main character, however, such by-play remains on the homodiegetic level, as when Hamlet remarks: "The play's the thing, / Wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king" (Hamlet II, ii, 509-510) or Nero exclaims "Qualis artifex pereo
Portus also examines religious notions of the painter, from God as divine artifex to the portrait of the Virgin by St Luke, which as tropes of creativity highlight the difference between the Church's concerns from those of renaissance humanism figured by Zeuxis and Apelles.
Sicut ars quae facit frena est sub arte equitandi, quia ille qui debet equitare praecipit artifici qualiter faciat frenum et sic est architector, id est principalis artifex, respectu ipsius.